Worm Olympics 2006

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Ammo Power Crate Frequency Delay Super RR Sheep


Hosted by Wyvern
25 Jul 2006, 06:00 PM GMT

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1. Game should be played on a RopeRace map, not fast, not slow... best would be normal RR map.

2. Place your worms at start.

3. Use Super Sheep to fly through the map till you crash or it crashes due to time end...
...next turn you have to rope to the place where it crashed and fly with next super sheep ... and like that till the finish.

4. Game is finished when you rope to the finish, not just sheep there.

5. If you crash the super sheep on opponent and he falls back (so he has further to finish) you must skip one turn... but if he is pushed closer to finish nothing happens, just play.

6. You can't use SS from rope and go further... sheep must be used from ground.

7. If you crash the sheep in a place where you can't stay with a worm: just touch this place and fall... then go from the place when it falls (no power touch - free fall).

It's to make it more rope skilled, if you fall with the rope you lose your turn.

8. If someone falls in the water, he loses.

9. If your opponent makes you fall in the water by knocking or sheep, he loses.

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